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Episode 31: Why Data Quality and Timeliness are Crucial for Your Firm’s Success

Reading time: 1 min   |  By Marketing Team   |  Published in Podcasts,

PeerNova's Digital Switch Podcast

This week, our host discusses why ensuring data timeliness is so crucial for enterprise success with Pravin Halady, PeerNova’s Head of Product. Watch the video version of the podcast here.

Pravin answers the following questions:

  • What does data timeliness entail exactly?
  • What happens when a firm does not have timely data?
  • How does data timeliness effect operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and decision-making?
  • Why is achieving data timeliness challenging for many financial firms?
  • How can effective data governance ensure data timeliness?
  • As an active data governance tool, how can PeerNova’s Cuneiform Platform help ensure data timeliness?

By Marketing Team

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