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Here’s Why Your Financial Firm Needs End-to-End Lineage Across Workflows and What Can Happen Without it

Reading time: 4 min   |  By Sonia Chopra   |  Published in Articles,

Within a financial institution, data is scattered across the firm’s landscape, residing in various silos, databases, data lakes, warehouses, and systems. These silos create significant challenges when it comes to managing data quality, gaining knowledge, and using it effectively. Therefore, firms lacking end-to-end (E2E) visibility and therefore the ability to actively track the lineage of their data encounters significant bottlenecks when it comes to operations, regulatory compliance, and business decision-making.

The Importance of E2E Visibility and Lineage Across Workflows

Without having a unified view across the organization, firms struggle with data quality, traceability, and auditability, especially when either the lineage of data is unknown or the genesis is poorly sourced.

When firms are unable to gain an end-to-end view nor track the transformations of their data over time, they can experience the following challenges:

  • A reduction in operational efficiency when teams must use extra resources to perform exception management, root-cause analysis, and error resolution.
  • Difficulties in providing auditability and traceability of inaccurate data in reports to regulators, resulting in hefty fines and an increase in capital reserve requirements.
  • The inability to accurately piece together knowledge to efficiently produce high-quality and actionable business insights.

Business Benefits of E2E Lineage

When firms are able to confidently track the lineage of their data and metadata across workflows, they can ensure data quality and process correctness.

Operational Efficiency
Firms can more easily identify and resolve exceptions by having an end-to-end view of each piece of datum.

Regulatory Compliance
By tracking the lineage of data, firms can audit reports and respond to regulatory inquiries more efficiently.

Business Decision-Making

Through E2E visibility and real-time lineages, firms can have more confidence in their analytics and actionable insights.

The Cuneiform Platform®: Providing End-to-End Visibility and Event Lineage™

Cuneiform® is PeerNova’s zero-code platform that automates data quality, E2E visibility, and process correctness for financial firms, improving operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and business decision-making. Through its zero-code model, Cuneiform allows business users to easily configure flows, lineages, rules, and actions using a graphical user interface (GUI) without help from IT teams.

As an E2E visibility tool, the Cuneiform Platform enables transparency and data tracking across multiple systems, applications, and workflows using Event Lineage™. This real-time E2E view enables faster root cause analysis and resolution of exceptions across the entire financial landscape. Event Lineage combines lifecycle events, state transitions, and logic with data into a single unified model.

Additionally, firms can build a “single source of truth” across workflows, break down silos, and manage lifecycle events through cross-functional collaboration through the platform’s lineage of data and metadata. The platform continuously creates E2E, integrated, and active lineages across disparate tools and systems. The solution also perpetually runs Event Lineage-based data quality and timeliness rules on live data across the organization’s systems, applications, and workflows.

The Cuneiform Platform integrates high-quality data and process monitoring across workflows, resulting in real-time auditability, traceability, on-demand reporting, and dashboarding. The platform also continuously monitors business activity, resolves bottlenecks, and eliminates redundant remediations.

Through continuous high-quality data and Event Lineage, PeerNova’s data quality and E2E visibility platform enables financial firms to increase operational efficiency, improve business performance, and address executive, stakeholder, and regulatory inquiries confidently and promptly.

If you are interested in learning about how the Cuneiform Platform can provide E2E visibility to break down enterprise and data silos in your firm, please be sure to get in touch with us and request a demo today.


By Sonia Chopra

Sonia Chopra is PeerNova's Product Marketing Manager for the Valuation Risk product line. She has nearly a decade of marketing experience and has been with PeerNova for eight years. She specializes in crafting content and campaigns that address the complexities of product and valuation control, such as market volatility, asset pricing discrepancies, and regulatory compliance issues. Her ability to articulate the intricacies of these challenges, enables her to develop highly effective product marketing strategies that meet the evolving needs of the industry.

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